Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge

I was browsing sites, and I happened to come across a post for a Reading Challenge and I decided to take a look. I had heard about Montgomery before and had watched the movie Anne of Green Gables, but that was about it. I thought it would be a great to sign up for the challenge because I had loved the story, and I wanted to see what else Montgomery has for her readers.

My hope is to get through Jane of Lantern Hill, and possibly The Story Girl by January 30, which is the end of the challenge.

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

Go to Carrie's blog at Reading to Know and sign up by January 9, Friday, or click on the button above. Also, visit her site for more upcoming information on the challenge, and what you need to do to sign up.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Favorite Songs of 2008

My family has been having problems with speakers lately. For awhile now, the speakers for the computer we have downstairs fail to work. The speakers that we used to have connected to the upstairs computer were terrible. You could hardly hear a thing. If you were really trying to listen , you would have to get out of the chair, kneel underneath the desk, and gett reeeeally close to the computer to hear anything at all - even with the volume on full blast. Of course, by getting out of the chair and getting really close the the computer prevents you from being able to watch and listen to a video/song at the same time.
Luckily, a few days ago, we purchased a new set of speakers that we hooked up right away to "test drive" them. I just realized that the songs that I listened to upstairs were a whole lot better when you could actually HEAR them. So, I decided to recap my 5 favorite songs of the past year. WARNING: I am a Jonas Brother fan!

1st place: The Call, by Regina Spektor

2nd place: Dare You to Move, by Switchfoot

3rd place: Friend Like That, by Hawk Nelson

4th place: Shelf, by Jonas Brothers

5th place: Give Me Your Eyes, by Brandon Heath

Let me know what you think!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

~Lily's Crossing~

-by Patricia Reilly Giff

I recieved this book as a Christmas present-but not this year. Actually, it was from quite a while ago. I started to read it, but I don't think that I ever really finished it. When I was re-reading Lily's Crossing, the only part that I somewhat remember was the beginning. So I decided to finish it and get back to blogging with this review.

Every year in the summer time, Lily leaves her home in St. Albans to go to her Gram's house in Rockaway, that sits on the Atlantic Ocean. World War II is taking over her life. Her best friend, Margaret Dillon, moves to Detroit where her dad works in a factory, making Liberator bombers. Also, her father, goes overseas to the war, and she doesn't even know where he is. But then, Lily meets Albert, a future best friend. Albert used to live in Hungary, but the war forced him to America and to his Uncle and Aunt in Rockaway for the summer as well. They soon discover they have much in common, but most importantly, they both have a loved one overseas.

This is a very good book with a wonderful ending. Everything that Lily was used to before the war would change, and that was her biggest fear. But then after the war, she sees what does stay the same, and she chooses to dwell on those things, rather than to get upset over what didn't stay the same. After all, she had the whole summer to look forward too.