Tuesday, July 26, 2011

~The Dragonfly Pool~

-by Eva Ibbotson

"...Reichsgruppen Fuehrer Anton Stiefelbreich was fully dressed in a khaki jacket so covered in medals that they dazzled and caught the eye, and afterward people who met him never quite remembered his face."

From the cover: At first Tally doesn't want to go to the boarding school called Delderton. But she soon discovers that it is a wonderful place where freedom and self-expression are valued. After seeing a travelogue about Bergania, Tally wants nothing more than to visit this peaceful and serene European country and catch a glimpse of the noble King Johannes, who bravely refuses to bend to the Nazis' demands. When Tally finds out that the 1939 international folk dancing festival will be held in Bergania, she organizes a ragtag dance troupe so that the school can participate.

It took me a couple times to get through the book, but I'm glad I gave it a third chance. It is definitely not one of my favorites, by Eva or overall, but it was still a good novel. In the midst of the non-fiction that I am currently reading it was a ray of sunlight, I might even say. Re-reading might come later, but I have so much on my to-read list right now, I can't even imagine time to re-read anything.

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