Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~Alice's Adventures in Wonderland~

-by Lewis Carrol

I sat at my computer with the book open in front of me. My hand was on the mouse, navigating to youtube. (My bestfriend.) I was just about to finish the book, and I realized that I had never seen the movie!

I knew basically all the parts to the story, The White Rabbit, 'Drink me', The Caterpillar, The Cheshire Cat, The Queen of Hearts, and The Mad Hatter, along with others... But I had never seen the complete movie from start to finish. And I had not read the book until now.

While I was reading, I saw that the only thing I had not known about Alice (before I read the book.) was her tendency to talk to herself, and to give herself advise. I thought it quite funny:

"Come, there's no use in crying like that!" said Alice to herself, rather sharply; "I advise you to leave off this minute!" She generally gave herself very good advise (though she seldom followed it).

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Teachers' Crazy Theories

Mrs. A. English.

While my teacher was passing out books for our new "unit" (Catcher in the Rye), one of the students in my class asked her how good the book was.

She replied, "It's phenomenal. It's also banned in a lot of places. The more a book is banned, the better it is. The best books are banned."


Do you agree?

(Don't let me sway you, but I am personally on the opposite side.)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

~100 Cupboards~

-by N. D. Wilson

After the (long) trip to the library, I settled down to try my second attempt at the cupboards.

When I finished, I decided I was going to furnish my room with my own set of cupboards doors. Though, I doubt they will be magical, and I doubt anyone will understand me. I will simply say, 'it's from a book.' They will roll their eyes with the here-she-goes-again-with-the-books look.

And I won't force them to read it. But the look of the cupboards everytime they come into my room will be a silent recommendation. I believe they work better that way. And they will read it. And they will be satisfied.

I had always wished to have an adventure. I had come closest to an adventure this week. (But I shall not talk of that.)

Now that I have finished the book, I realized that maybe I am more like Henry than I think. Sure it would be cool and all to have magical doors, mysterious creatures, and a pocketkife, but if I was ever caught in a life-threatening situation (or thought I was), I would be so scared I wouldn't know what to do.

But I do want adventure. And that's what the safety of books are for. (Besides the occasional paper-cut. Which, by the way, is not healing quite as fast I as would have hoped.) A person has only one life, but readers have much more. They have adventure, in the comfort of their own home.

That's not to say I'm not going to find my adventure. I will. And I will write a book on it. So you can read it. And get a paper-cut.

On my tear-stained pillow and the absence of my sheets

A question that doesn't change. But answers that do.

Where do you read? I mean, where is your favorite place to read?

I used to read outside. Until the snow came. Until it shoved me inside and kept me there.
I used to read in the back of our car. With the trunk open. Getting my vitamin D. (And possible a farmer's tan.)
I used to read lying on the driveway. The book over my face to keep the blinding sun out of my eyes.

That used to be my favorite place to read.

But now I enjoy my bed. The warmth at night when the Wicth of Endor creeps up.
And when Eastman dies.
And when I turn on my music on my bedside trying to remind myself that there are no cupboards behind these walls.

It is comfort.

It was the first day of Spring. And there I was hoping to get out in the sun. And there was the snow.

But no doubt, when the red line hits 60, I will be back outside. And I will be happy.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Read in February (or rather, finished in February)

An Ally Carter phase:
- I'd Tell You I Love You, but then I'd Have to Kill You
-Heist Society
-Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

A left-over Percy Jackson phase (of course, due to the movie):
-Re-re-read of the The Lightning Thief

And a not-sure-how-this-is-going-to-turn-out phase (both of which I was pleased):
-Eyes Like Stars, by Lisa Mantchev
-The Greatest Among You, by Randy Sims