Saturday, May 14, 2011


-by Heather Dixon

I just found out recently that I love fairy tales; I love happily ever afters. Call it cheesy or boring, but when everything works out at the end, it makes it that much better of a book.

Entwined was a fairy tale that I loved from the start, and as I moved throughout the pages, my enjoyment didn't grow, but stayed at a steady pace. It's not one that will be going on my favorite-books-of-all-time list, but it was still a refreshing piece to read. Not all books have to be your favorite. Wthout the mediocre ones, your favorites wouldn't be so spectacular.

So yes, go ahead and read it. And sometimes you may laugh at the predictability of it, and sometimes you will call it cheesy, but in the end, you will like it. That is, if you like happily ever afters.

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