Saturday, August 13, 2011

~Uncommon Criminals~

-by Ally Carter

It's taking me awhile to write this review mainly because I'm afraid to say I didn't like it. As a book. And this is where it gets difficult to explain.

What's with Paraguay and Uruguay? This is one of the finer points, but it still bugged me. Kat knows the latest model of an elevator but can't remember which country her family is in? She kept on messing it up, so now even I don't know the right country.

It was too predictable. Hale always shows up. And that's great for the romance and all, but I was more interested in the heist this time. I felt like I was watching a chickflick; Ally picked all the right words, but they were the cliche words. Mabye too cliche.

My problem: I fell in love with the characters in Heist Society, but they changed in Uncommon Criminals.

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