Thursday, September 29, 2011

things I didn't know about myself a month ago

-I really, really, really like popcorn

-I'm crazier than I think I am

-I can't read as fast as I thought I could

-My handwriting actually looks good

-I miss being alone

-I miss my family

-I like strange music

-I'm not that different from everyone else

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~The Shallows~

-by Nicolas Carr

"But as a device for reading, the book retains some compelling advantages over the computer. You can take a book to the beach without worrying about sand getting in its works. You can take it to bed with you without being nervous about it falling to the floor should you nod off. You can spill coffee on it. You can sit on it. You can put it down on a table, open to the page you're reading, and when you pick it up a few days later it will still be exactly as you left it. You never have to be concerned about plugging a book into an outlet or having its battery die.

You can read a dozen or a hundred printed pages without suffering the eye fatigue that often results from even a brief stretch of online reading. You can flip through real pages much more quickly and flexibly than you can through virtual pages. And you can write notes in a book's margins or highlight passages that move or inspire you. You can even get a book's author to sign its title page. When you're finished with a book, you can use it to fill an empty space on your bookshelf-or lend it to a friend."