Thursday, February 27, 2014

dressing up

"Mr. R, can I borrow a tie?"

A boy walks up to the desk and flips the color of his shirt as the other boys in the class saunter over and the girls giggle in the back.

The ties are green, and it is my job as the newly named 'fashion assistant' to pick out which one coordinates the best with the selection of boys and their shirts (most of which are blue).

One boy stays at his desk, denying the offer of his teacher to adorn one of the coveted ties. "Miss DeVries says chicks dig the ties, David." Mr. R says.

The girls in the back giggle even louder. "No we don't." Says one. Oh, but you will.

Once the ties have been knotted and distributed, the class dons their coats and starts the journey from the school building to the bus, about 100 feet in the 10 degree weather.

The girls shiver in their dresses and leggings and hop back and forth from one foot to the other.

The field trip has begun.