Wednesday, January 6, 2010

annoying distractions

So I'm sitting in my 4th hour class waiting for the bell to ring.

It's a new semester, and a new history class, so I'm wondering what the teacher would be like.

Mr. P walks in, and pulls up a PowerPoint with three words written on it:




The task was to make a list of pop culture things that relate to these words. But I sat there for about a minute of the five minutes he let us brainstorm with nothing on my paper.

Besides the Emperor's New Grove, (ha.) nothing came into mind until I looked and the middle word again. How did I miss it before?

Then the next four minutes I didn't add anything else because I was so obsorbed with what I wrote down.

"The Empire State Building"

Huh. So much for paying attention in class today.

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Marie DeVries said...

and you think /I/ am obsessed with the Percy Jackson series? ha!