Friday, May 13, 2011

I know I'm not the only one

dreaming of running barefoot through the thick grass and the driveways and the sidewalks - and sitting on the floor cleaning the dirt and grass stains off my soles.

dreaming of feeling the sun's rays across my back and shoulders and arms - and sitting on the floor putting on more aloe.

dreaming of licking and slurping ice-cream after popcicle after ice-cream - and sitting on the floor trying to rub out the stains from the melting deserts from my most-favorite skirt.

dreaming of picking dandilions and lilies and violets - and sitting on the floor itching and scratching because I don't know a thing about flowers and might have grabbed something green and leafy that I wasn't supposed to pick.

dreaming of reading book after book after glorious book - and sitting on the floor trying to catch up on sleep. (I hope you catch that this one was a stretch. Just bare with me here. You're almost to the end.)

dreaming of playing for seemingly endless hours of frisbee and soccer and, well, anything else we can find in the garage.

dreaming of summer. The tubing and camps and cousins, all meshed into that one word that when spoken, students in classrooms turn their heads swiftly to the windows, and in unison let out a sigh that is understood by all.

p.s. ten days

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