Friday, June 26, 2009

i'm Back!

First of all, i was really disapointed when i found out that i was not going to be here for the Darkwood tour. But i am okay now, because i am really proud of how the tour turned out.

Secondly, i had a great time at Worldview. i am a little deprived of sleep, but i can run on caffine, so everything is good :) . My experience was fantastic and life-changing, and i will definetly want to go again next year.

Thirdly, (and lastly, i promise) kind of has to do with Worldview. When i went, we sat through a lot of deep and interesting lectures. During the lectures, several books were recomended and/or used for them*. i basically wrote down all of the books, but i narrowed it down to some fewer than before.

*i decided to only write down the books that were super interesting to me, so there are a lot more than this that i may get to...

The Deadliest Monster by Jeff Baldwin
The Greatest Among You by Randy Sims
The 12 Trademarks of Great Literature by Jeff Baldwin
Common Sense by Thomas Paine
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
The Story of My Life by Hellen Keller
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
The Hobbit by Tolkien
How to Read Slowly by James W. Sire
Eat this Book by Eugene Peterson
Technopoly by Postman
Recovering the Last Tools of Learning by Wilson
Total Truth by Nancy Pearcy
Call of the Wild by Jack London
Darwin on Trial by Phillip Johnson
Defeating Darwinism by Phillip Johnson
On Moral Fiction by John Gardner
Till we have Faces by C.S. Lewis
Man's search for meaning by Frankl
A Severe Mercy by VanAuken

Most of these books are Christian based, and i thought it would be good to read some of the books like Darwin on Trial and Mere Christianity. You probably skipped through my list, and i do not blame you.

The funny thing is that i was just about to post something about book requests when i got back. Ha. i guess i do not need to do that anymore. But if you feel that you must, please comment and give me some good books. *(evil laugh)* :)


Noel De Vries said...

You posted already?!?! We just got home. Phew! Long drive. But worth it. Happy reading!

Maggie DeVries said...

I posted as soon as you guys left. Haha. I was so bored!

Marie DeVries said...

heeheheh... I didn't post....

and, uh * nervous laugh* I DID skip through your list of books, but you made me feel guilty, so I went back and read it.