Saturday, August 8, 2009

Preferences Meme

(...this is my 'hello, again' post...)

I stole this from Marie.

1)Reading something frivolous, or something serious?
It depends on what kind of mood I am in. As it is with everyone, I'm sure. I like both, really.

2)Paperback or hardcover?
Hardcover. Definitely. I hate bending books.

3)Fiction or nonfiction?
I'm bringing the mood thing in again. I like them both, and if I choose one, that shows I do not like the other one as much.

4)Poetry or prose?
Poetry. Prose. I don't know.

5)Biographies, or autobiographies?
I would like to have both, but autobiographies seem more interesting to me.

6)History or historical fiction?
History. I love cold, hard facts :)

7)Series or stand-alones?
If it's a good book, then I would enjoy reading more, but if it was not too good, or if it seems repeated, or if it seems forced, I prefer stand-alones.

8)Classics or best-sellers?
CLASSICS! Just becuase the only books our school uses are "best-sellers" and are not always - have yet to be the best choice.

9)Lurid, fruity prose, or straight-forward basic prose?
The lurid fruity stuff. It tastes good to the ears.

10)Plots or stream-of-consciousness?
Ehh. I like both but I think plots are easier to understand.

11)Long or short books?
See #7

12)Illustrated or non-illustrated?
Bring on the pictures! Just don't kill me with an overflow.

13)Borrowed or owned?
For first-reads? Borrowed. For good books already read? Owned.

14)New or used?
Ahh. The smell of an old book. Plus they are usually cheaper.

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