Sunday, October 3, 2010

but mostly procrastination

I've been off of facebook for a while. And although this is incredebly amazing for a senior trying to raise the grades, it isn't too hot for the communicator. Finding other means of communication has been my specialty this last month. Of which included texting a friend of a friend for that friend's number, actually walking up to the person to talk face to face *gasp! people still do that?!*, and this wonderful thing called email that never goes out of style.

I found that because I wasn't on facebook, there wasn't much of a reason to go on the computer anymore. Well, somedays I would check it quite frequently, but I could go three or four days without using it. And this means that my utopia was put on the back shelf. I am very sorry for ignoring you. So very, very sorry. And I'm not saying that because I'm going back on facebook, I will be blogging more. By no means. That will totally discredit everything I just did. I just remembered my forgotten place. My forgotten no place:)


Robbie De Vries said...

Those last two lines belong to a poet.

Marie DeVries said...

yeah! I agree. I was going to say something similar.