Tuesday, October 12, 2010

using a paper clip to sync my ipod

i write on myself with pen and permanent marker not for reminders but because i want someone someday to come up and ask me about it. i wrap scarves around my neck and dress up wearing sweaters acting like a lunatic with teased hair and dancing to music in my bedroom with my sister not for the moment but because i want someday her to look back to our memories when i move away. i change my handwritting constantly not because i think its ugly or too small or too big or there's a prettier way to do it but because someday i hope i can get away with forging a document without any practice. i study hard and read good books that don't always have fictional characters not becuase i enjoy them entirely and always but because someday i hope i can tell someone something they never even thought of before.


Marie DeVries said...

:) 'like'

Christy said...

stop using your mom's camera! :p

Maggie DeVries said...

because I don't have one of my own:(