Wednesday, April 8, 2009

~The Secret of Chimneys~

-by Agatha Christie

I really wanted to start reading The Seven Dials Mystery, but I did not know if the two were related to each other, so I read The Secret of Chimneys, the one that was published first. And soon enough, I will be on my way to the second one.

But of course, after I saw The Secret of Chimneys, it sat on my To-Read list for some time while I finished up other books I was currently reading. After that, I had to pick it up from the library, which took a while becuase our library did not OWN either of the two books (I should complain to the intern student ;-]) and then onto my bookshelf until my homework was complete.

After aquiring it, I got into the book itself.

It took a getting used to, I am sad to say, only because it was such a good book. The first three to four chapters were quite confusing, only becuase I got all the characters mixed up. Soon as I straightened that out, I focused on much more interesting things. Like trying to figure out who the murderer was!

Do not worry, I am not going to spoil anything. To tell you the truth, I did not know who it was before they revealed who it was. But of course, I was suspicious of all of the characters because I wanted to figure out who it was before they told me.

And now I go on to The Seven Dials Mystery! :o


Marie DeVries said...

In my defense, just because I'm an intern does not mean I have any control over what books out library does and does not carry... :) I do wish our library would get some more books, but at least we can inter-loan them.. :D

I agree that the characters are hard to keep straight at first (at least in '7 dials', I have not read 'chimineys'). The author is amazing at keeping the murderer a secret, isn't she?

How far into '7 dials' are you???

Maggie DeVries said...

It is actually right next to me at the moment. I am starting chapter 4.


I hope you will read Chimneys. It is really good.