Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~The Seven Dials Mystery~

-by Agatha Christie

Oh, I just love off tangents:

"It's a very large place, and gloomy, you know. Rows of picture galleries with such forbidding looking people. What they call Old Masters are very depressing, I think. You should have seen a little house we had in Yorkshire, Mr. Thesiger. When Sir Oswald was plain Mr. Coote. Such a nice lounge hall and a cheerful drawing-room with an inglenook-a white striped paper with a frieze of wistaria I chose for it, I remember. Satin stripe, you know, not moire. Much better taste, I always think. The diningroom faced northeast, so we didn't get much sun in it, but with a good bright scarlet paper and a set of those comic hunting prints-why, it was as cheerful as Christmas."

I see now that I did not have to read the The Secret of Chimneys first. But I did it anyway to be on the safe side. The two are related, but she completely explains what you need to know.

I realized the other day how used to her writing I was, when I picked up a different book that had a completely different style that Christie. And how used to the speaking of a "gentleman". I loved the book so much it's hard to describe. But what I can say is that I had no idea who the murderer was. Like the last book I read, I was completely astonished when I read the killer's name. But that you will just have to experience for yourself.


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Yes, I do!

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