Saturday, May 8, 2010

when my heart stopped yesterday

Immediately after the last school bell rang, I left my class and headed up the stairs to the commons (cafeteria). There is always a meeting there after school on Fridays, and I was going. The meetings are strictly mandatory, and extremely boring.

I sat on one of the far lunch tables, away from the bulk of eager overachievers, and waited for the meeting to be called to order. After a few less important announcements, the officer for "community service" came up to the podium.

She read off a list of opportunities for over the summer, and their dates and times; my head was slipping down into my cradled arms.

She read, "...and July 27th. It's a Tuesday and it starts at seven o'clock in the -." Until someone cut her off.

"It's a Sunday." One of the kids in the middle tables said loudly. (Let's call him Zach) ;)

The officer looked questionably at the student who stopped her and quickly had another officer check a calender, which confirmed his correction. Then she went on with her list... the long list...

At the end (and five minutes later), she reiterated dates, and said, "Tuesday, July 27th, 7 o'clock -."

"It's a Sunday, not a Tuesday!" Zach raised his voice again. I perked up a little.

The community service officer asked what I was thinking, "How did you know that?" She questioned, as a few of the students started giggling at Zach's preciseness.

He didn't hesitate. He didn't move his head. He didn't even miss a step.

"Because I'm a spy."

My eyes grew huge. I sat up straight. I turned to get a good look at the student. I searched the laughing students in the cafeteria. I was the only one in two hundred people who knew what was going on.

But...maybe he didn't even know what he was talking about. Maybe it was a coincidence. Maybe he never heard of the name "Ally Carter". All I knew was, right then and there, he just crossed the line.

I searched him, waiting for him to give an explanation. None came. He sat in silence, no one believing what he just said. I didn't either, but I did thought that maybe a male specimen could pick up the pretty cover, however unlikely that was. The officer continued on.

Obviously, I need to change his name to Preston.


Anonymous said...

Crud, I only read the first of the series, so I really don't get it. Regardless, sounds like a hilarious situation. :P

Maggie DeVries said...

Yeah, it was weird. The "spy" part is from the second book, and the "Preston" part is from the third. And yes, it was very hilarious. :)