Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nevermind, I want fire.

The table was all set with a blue flower table cloth and candles of all sizes and colors. We had a casserole that had the perfect amount of cheese (a lot). :) All because my sister had come home today!

But, after we ate and cleaned up the kitchen, the candles were still on the counter, not lit. I took the lighter and lit the short white one. And I changed my mind.

When asked the question: 'What super power would you want?', I always said 'to be able to fly'.

It would be cool. To fly, that is. You could get places faster. Not to mention it would be like living in 4-D, because now you can go UP.

But I changed my mind. I want the power of fire.


Robbie De Vries said...

Your so weird. You watch Sky High waaay to much, and you have a crush and the dude that threw fire.

Anonymous said...

Haha. I've never seen Sky High, but that amused me.
Anyway, if you want to sound supersmart about it, call it pyrokinesis. :)
And Robbie, girls have crushes on all kinds of guys from movies or TV shows. It's just how we work. Though, I personally prefer characters from books. :P

Maggie DeVries said...

Robbie - You're so weird. Don't you have a crush on the girl who grew plants? ;) I know you DID...

And by the way, I haven't seen that movie in like 2 years, so yeah.

Riniel - Is pyrokinesis a real word, or disease, or real anything? Ha ha it sounds funny, but I will remember it. And YES! I, especially, have crushes on most guys in movies and stuff...Robbie knows ;)

I agree with the book comment, though. I have bigger crushes on the boys that don't exist. This may become a problem in my future...

Anonymous said...

Pyrokinesis is a real word. It means you can control fire. "Fire" (Pyro) and "Movement" (kinesis). So technically, the fire has to exist. However, there is also a word for creating fire, or it can just be included in pyrokinesis. :)
Oh, boys in books kill me. They are just so amazing. crushes.