Friday, July 2, 2010

because my sister is lovely

about Only the Good Spy Young, by Ally Carter.

recording taken about 5 minutes ago:

bookworm: Hello there, this is Maggie, a.k.a. ... oh wait, I did that wrong. Okay, hello, this is bookworm, a.k.a. Maggie interviewing my sister, a.k.a. Duchess. And, we are talking about Only the Good Spy Young. So, overall, did you like the book?

duchess: Definitely.

bookworm: Okay, overall you liked it, was there any point where you didn't like it?

duchess: Yes.

bookworm: And what was that? ...without being very specific.

duchess: When Cammie thought wrong ... at Blackthorne.

bookworm: Okay, personally, in the beginning I thought it was kind of forced, but towards the end I really got into it and saw where all the strings were tied at the end, so.

duchess: Mhmm.

bookworm: Yes. So, sidetracking off of Spy Young, and talking about Ally Carter, of all of Ally Carter's teen books that you read, would you say you like Ally Carter?

duchess: Yes.

bookworm: And why do you like her?

duchess: Because... she really expresses herself in the books, and you get really into the books. It's not like you read it, it's, you read it, and it's happening in your mind.

bookworm: Okay, I like her because it shows how powerful teenagers can be. Especially the girls.

duchess: hehe.

bookworm: Okay, do you understand the 4th book's title? ... Now that I've explained it to you.

duchess: Yes. Mhmm.

bookworm: Um before, did you understand? Because that was one of the confusing things for me was that I didn't get the title. I thought that "Spy" was a noun and not a verb in the title, so--

duchess: Yeah.

bookworm: Okay. I'm going to say two words and I want to hear your response, okay?

duchess: Kay.

bookworm: Zachary Goode.

duchess: (shrieks) Haha ... Hehehehe ... according to Ally Carter's description: Hot! Hehehehahaha ...

bookworm: Haha ... okay ... So, personally, I am in love--

duchess: YES! That's what I meant, too!

bookworm: Okay, was there any point where you hated him? At all?

duchess: No. Hehe.

bookworm: Okay, I, uh, agree with you there. Okay, this question is about the screaming during your reading?

duchess: ...

bookworm: Um, we all know, that Duchess has a problem with reading books quietly.

duchess: Hehehe!

bookworm: What parts did you scream out loud at? Without being to specific?

duchess: When ... Well, the first part, when Cammie hehehehehehe sees Zach in London. I screamed at that part, and so did you! Hahaha!

bookworm: Hahahaha! ... ouch ... So, in this book there was a lot more spyness-ness in it. Do you love or hate that?

duchess: I love that!

bookworm: Would you want to be a spy?


duchess: Yes.

bookworm: And why is that?

duchess: I really don't know.

bookworm: You don't know? Is it like the adrenaline?

duchess: Mhmm.

bookworm: Okay, personally, I wouldn't want to be a spy. It would be cool and all, but I would be so afraid of dying, I wouldn't be able to figure out anything.

duchess: Hehehehehe.


bookworm: Okay, so now this is going to be spoilers, so we can talk about it.

duchess: THE PART WHERE I SCREAMED IS WHEN ZACH SAYS TO CAMMIE: Do you want to run away with me?

(this portion of the recording we spend trying to get our younger sister that hasn't read the book yet to move to a different part of the house because we just about ruined the ending for her)

duchess: I also screamed when Cammie and Zach were laying on the ground at Blackthorne, and they were watching it ... and they ... hahahahahaha.

bookworm: Okay, okay. Um, Joe Solomon, is he in the right or the wrong? What do you think?

duchess: The right.

bookworm: Okay, and why's that?

duchess: Because, as Bex, Liz, and Macey said in the book, he fought along side them.

bookworm: So? What if his intentions were bad? In the beginning of the book, what did you think?

duchess: I thought he was good the whole time.

bookworm: I thought he was good the whole time, too.

(this portion of the recording I spent trying to convince Duchess that there really isn't a fifth book because she had it set in her mind that there was.)

bookworm: Okay, why do you think the Circle is after Cam?

duchess: Because she is the headmistress's daughter. Ohhhh! Um, she's the daughter of Matthew Morgan!!

bookworm: Oh. Okay, what is your favorite part?

duchess: (sighhh) I have more than one favorite part. First chapter, when she sees Zach, and when they are laying down, at--

bookworm: You just like all the kissing scenes, don't you?

duchess: NO I DON'T! Hehehehehehehe ... Um, when Cammie's mom comes out and she says "Zach, I told you to stay in my office." Hehehehe.

bookworm: What was the part that shocked you the most?

duchess: When you find out that Joe Solomon killed Cammie's dad.

bookworm: Um, the most shocking part for me was when you find out who Zach's mom is, and then when she says that Cammie's dad is still alive.


bookworm: Haha, Duchess just dropped her cookie.

duchess: Bookworm.

bookworm: Hahahaha. Okay, um, is there anything else you would like to say before we sign off?

duchess: (sigh) Haha. I love that book!

bookworm: Okay, let's leave it at that.

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