Friday, July 9, 2010

some good, some bad, some deadly

Well, I guess camp was a whole lot shorter than I thought it was. We (me and my sister, Duchess) got back this afternoon around three, and I was so exhausted. I wanted to just fall asleep in my bed, but I couldn't because I was afraid that it would mess up my sleeping schedule. And that is the last thing I need.

It definitely didn't come close to the best week of my life, but it was still pretty fun. I got to go swimming, zip lining, and hang out with my best friend.

But it was also the first time I've ever been involved directly in the cliche "camp drama", so it was also a bit scary. I don't want to go into detail, but it wasn't fun.

My callouses are going away. :( I haven't played for a week, and I had been staring at the guitar that someone had brought for the whole time at camp. I wanted to ask if I could play it so bad, but I didn't know the kid, and I didn't want everyone to listen like I knew they would.

But the biggest disappointment was the whole emotional aspect. During the worship, they played the songs that got everyone moved, and there was a whole lot of crying and praying at the altar after the services. I don't have anything against that, but it was all about the camper's emotions. It was a fake way of getting everyone to pray and change their minds. Because when they go back home, they won't have the moving music or moving sermons, and they will lose the motivation that they had during camp, and they will wonder where it went, and they will wonder if it wasn't God who was there the night they made that choice.

I'm not trying to bash praying at the alter, crying, or raising your hands, but everything was based on emotions, and I only gained a few facts that I can bring back home. I've definitely changed, but I think that is because I knew that everything was about how you felt, and I refused myself to fall into that pit.

But now I ask you to pray for everyone who will go home and go back to their old ways, for they know not the pit they fell into.


Christy said...

Okay yes there was drama but oh well, it was still fun! And you don't always have to compare to Worldview. Just saying.

Also, yes. I am your best friend :) haha love you

Maggie DeVries said...

But I have to compare to Worldview. Like we compare to the old camp. Like we compare to previous camps. I have to compare, or then I know I'm not thinking. And I have to think.

I love you too! Bestie!

Noël De Vries said...

o maggie, I miss you. :)

Maggie DeVries said...

I miss you too! :p

Christy said...

I understand that. But I'm not comparing the context of what we learn or how we learn it. I'm comparing how fun the activities and people were.