Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Warriors in the Crossfire Tour

-by Nancy Bo Flood

Yay! Today I get to write to you about my thoughts on Warriors in the Crossfire!

I was very surprised when I picked up the book because it wasn't about the American or the Japanese side of World War II. It was about the tribe that was caught in the middle. This tribe lives on a Japanese island, but are not considered Japanese, so they really have no place in the war.

My favorite character would have to be Taeyo. He is the main character's bouncy little nephew, and I found myself giggling multiple times when he was mentioned in the book. At one point, he throws coconuts down at his uncle while up in the palm tree.

I loved the author's writing technique as she used short sentences that we would not normally speak in. The language of the natives of the island is different then ours, and it is obvious that she took great care in trying to convey that. Although I did enjoy it, I thought that the end was brought about too quick, and the problem was solved rather rapidly.

A short book trailer.

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Bo said...

Maggie, Thank you for reviewing Warriors in the Crossfire. I enjoyed reading your fun comments about Taeyo. Last week a student asked me which scene was the most fun to write. I said, any scene with Taeyo. What an imp! Imagine, he wasn't in the book until many revisions down the line. Finally he was in the book, but he didn't get to go to the cave. He went with an uncle to another hiding place. But Joseph said - we need Taeyo in the cave. I argued - but Taeyo will never make it up the long hike to the cave. Joseph assured me he would help. Imagine how sad the cave interactions would have been without Taeyo! Again, many thanks, Nancy

sally apokedak said...

Great comments, Maggie.

And Nancy.

I'm glad Taeyo was in the cave. It would have been a very different book if he'd not been there.

Maggie DeVries said...

Nancy - I am glad you wrote him in the cave! He is a great source for comic relief.

Sally - Yes, I think the book would have been completely different if he was not in the cave, or the novel.