Monday, August 9, 2010

goals and goals

I had a list of summer goals to get accomplished this summer. I've gotten a pretty good amount of them done, but there are still a lot lingering to get finished. Now with only a week left of summer, I doubt I will get even half of the remaining done.

But I am still very proud of myself. I never ever create goals. Like write-them-down goals. Sure I have goals in my head that I just don't talk about, and just know that they are goals. But I never have written them down. Something about it makes it official. And official, cannot-be-changed things scare me.

So that is one thing that is changing in my non-procrastinating year of high school. Goals and goals and schedules. I am organizing myself.

One of my goals was to laugh at dumb commercials. It's a pretty dumb goal, but it is great to laugh when no one else is laughing. And, you have to admit, some of the commercials you want to laugh at, but don't because they are just really dumb. Well, I laughed at all those, and boy, did my stomach hurt. But anyway, there is this commercial for a computer program or something, and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. It ties along with my whole "organizing myself" mindset, so I thought I'd give you the link so you know what commercial I'm talking about. here.

Laugh. It's really fun.

To Be Done:
-Notice things
-Learn big words
-Play solitaire
-Run in the rain
-See Ramona and Beezus
-Read Mockingjay (which won't be able to happen until after school has started)
-Find an adventure


marie e. said...

haha, proud of you, Maggie! I make a list for just about EVERYTHING! ;) My summer list had about 25 non-fiction books on it to read. I think I got 5-6 done :/.....

Anne Shirley said...

I also have lots of things to do, but I don't why I don't do it. Maybe a list will make me do it, maybe a list will make feel under pressure =)
First of all: I must read a novel, it is a work to the University. And then I have to compare characters with another novel.
But I want to read something else, not that novel hahahaha!
I'll do it instead, I must.