Saturday, August 7, 2010


So our family vacation is over, and I can proudly say that I skied! I cannot say, however, that I could stay up. I got up, but it was so wobbly, and I kept on loosing my balance. If only I didn't wait until the last day to try it, I would have had more time to practice. Unfortunately, my aunt has all the pictures of me skiing, so I have no proof until she loads them up. Until then, you will just have to trust me.

Some pictures from Michigan:

My sister, Turtle, and two cousins, Elise, and Ann, sitting on the edge of the dock.

And their feet

She calls me her "bestest cousin": Grace

Turtle is such a ham. Just ask her who skied first. Yeah, she did. I'm just happy that I tried.

Couldn't pass up this pic.

The boat:

To all: face your fears. It's worth it.

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