Thursday, April 22, 2010

the dumbest mistake today

I forgot my stupid jacket.

In the stupid car.

In the stupid parking lot.

So I sat for half an hour to watch a soccer game with a short-sleeved shirt and flipflops. And it was 50 degrees out. It may not seem horrible. But there was also a wind chill.

I kept on saying to myself, "It's not that bad, just wait 20 more minutes." But it was a constant cold, and I just kept counting down until I could go back into my car (which was warm, by the way).

And that was when I realized that today was Earth day! So I tried to enjoy the *cough* sunshine, and the *cough* nice weather. But there was a beautiful purple tree right outside of the fence, and I was so mad that I didn't bring a camera.

So I sat in the cold hunched over looking at the purple tree and enjoying *cough* the Spring.


Robbie De Vries said...

It was nice here today.
like 70 degrees and sunny.
But those buffalo gnats are really bad here. Are they terrible by you?

Maggie DeVries said...

Lucky you!

But it is raining right now, so I don't mind to much. :)

No, we are pretty much insect free. Rae told me about the gnats. That must be horrible.

Anonymous said...

...I can't remember what yesterday was like. Oh, yeah, that's because I was at school ALL DAY LONG! They actually brought in animals to the college, like a baby mountain lion, a monkey, a python, a legless lizard (interesting creature), turtle, parrot, etc. It was cool. But I think we had pretty good weather...sorry your was horrible. :)