Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I found the movie! I found it!

I found the movie that I was expecting!

I found the Pegasuses!

I found the intense fighting scenes!

I found the Hades that was actually creepy!

I found the Medusa that killed with other things besides her gaze! (plus, fangs!)

I found the gods whose hair color stayed the same!

I found the unknown heritage!

I found the really scary creatures!

I found the Olympus with the majestic thrones and floor with clouds surrounding the god's ankles!

I FOUND THE MOVIE. The movie that I was expecting from The Lightning Thief, but didn't get. The movie that sends chills up your spine and makes you glad you are not a demigod, rather than wish and hope and dream that you are. The movie that makes you turn away at the grossness of mythical creatures and the infection of Hades' venom seeping into the main character's arm. The movie that wasn't afraid to kill some of its characters.

FOR: all of you who were disappointed with the Lightning Thief movie, and have a decent stomach that is able to hold down food, (and above the age of 13)...

Go see The Clash of the Titans. You will be satisfied.

Granted, it is not the story of the book at all. It wasn't supposed to be. And I'm not saying I didn't like The Lightning Thief movie, I did, but this movie just... fills in all the gaps.


Robbie De Vries said...

ahh man. I wasn't going to try and watch this movie, but you seem to have a knack for making one wish to do something.
Still don't know if I'll watch it tho

Maggie DeVries said...

Do it! Just don't bring anyone younger than you...

Robbie De Vries said...

ok, I watched it (not in theaters tho) and I don't know . . . what I mean to say is that I'm not sure we watched the same movie.
I wasn't to impressed. The graphics and everything were good for the most part, but the plot didn't seem to be able to stand on it's feet.
This could be an after effect of watching The Bourne Series though.
Much superior, but you really can't compare the movies. But I was expecting a little more of The Clash.

Maggie DeVries said...

Oh, I didn't like the plot at all. It was actually kind of stupid how easily Zeus was tricked. But this was the movie that I wanted for the Lightning Thief. It was non-kiddish, if you know what I mean. I guess I meant to say that the director of this movie should have gone over and made the other movie.

Yes, I was really confused because there aren't really any Titans except for Medusa I think. The "Clash" is between the gods and man, and Perseus just gets caught in between. Correct me if I am wrong about the "Titans" thing.