Sunday, April 25, 2010

I might be going back home

Yes, I am home. That's not what I mean, though.

If I am going back home, then the question is, where was I before?

I was in my public school, sitting as I watched my intelligence (or what little I had of it) wither before my eyes as we sat for an entire class period (an hour and 27 minutes, actually). Doing nothing. Doing NOTHING. An hour and a half wasted playing SOLITAIRE. And on the computer, nonetheless.

And what was the cause of this? My teacher failed to print out the pages from our project packets and we had nothing to do. Nothing.

This is not the only reason. 'The only reason what', you ask?

It is not the only reason that I am considering going back home to be home schooled for my senior year of high school.

Yes. Shocker, I know. But I had been mad at my school for awhile, and I realized about a month ago that I can actually do something about it! I can go back home and learn on my own. I was considering getting as much into my head as possible before I head off to college. And for those who don't know me (or never knew this about me), knowledge is big to me.

I have this quote on my wall and it says: "The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing." And I was looking at it when I figured this out for the first time.

...and I'm not saying that my school is bad. I guess public school just isn't right for me. The irony is terrific, but I made this up: school is holding me back from learning.

But anyway, that, and with other reasons, I am just about to leave that life behind and go back home. That is, when my dad says I can, and we go visiting colleges and ask what they do with home schoolers.

Ha. I hope they let me in. I can be quite intimidating.


By the way, I was listening to this while writing this post, so I felt it. Oh, and Riniel got me into Yiruma, so that is how I found this song. :)


Robbie De Vries said...

That quote on your wall sounds like something Socrates would say.
See, the Oracle said that he was the wisest man and he couldn't figure this out cause he knew he wasn't smart. So he finally came up with this. He said that he must be the wisest man, because he knew that he wasn't wise.

Noël De Vries said...

wow... but I can totally see you learning independently. Hey, you could even start with summer school! Get all enthused at WV, and then bam! learning time. :) I'll be praying for you...

Anonymous said...

Hmm...homeschooling if you like to learn at a faster pace is definitely a good idea, as long as you still hang out with friends and stuff, because otherwise it can be lonely (I experienced this). As for getting into college, each college has their own way of incorporating homeschoolers, but it's really not that hard at all. Again, I used to be homeschooled and still sort of am (going to a community college as a HS student), so just check to see how the colleges work with homeschoolers. They are pretty good about it, as long as you can show an SAT or ACT grade, which, you'll want to be jumping on getting the testing done this year so you can apply to colleges. As for challenging yourself, I know you live out in the boonies, ;), but if you have a college nearby, whether it be community or otherwise, you might consider dual-enrollment there, where you get both college and HS credits for taking classes. That's what I'm doing, and it works really well. You just have to be careful with that because you need to make sure the credits you're taking will transfer to another college where you'll be attending. They'll transfer as Ks, but at least they'll transfer.
That was long. haha.
Anyway, you're welcome for getting you hooked on Yiruma. ;)

Maggie DeVries said...
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Maggie DeVries said...

Robbie - I found the quote online, so it probably was from Socrates. It said "unknown author" so I'm guessing it was just a version of his quote..

Noel - I am planning on doing something for summer school because I want to finish two years of math during my senior year, because they never skipped me in the public schools. :(

Riniel - Don't worry, I will still hang out with friends. I have already taken the ACT, but we haven't gotten our scores back yet. We are also taking it again on Wednesday, so then I will have two scores to show them! Ha ha.